Scientific foundation 5 Day Fast

Documentary “The Good Lab”
Gwyneth Paltrow tests the 5-day program in her documentary series on Netflix "The Good Lab". Please note: the 5-day package that Gwyneth tests in this documentary was developed by the founder of our 5 Day Fast program, Prof. Valter Longo . This doctor has researched and published for almost 30 years on the health effects of fasting. With the results of his research and exactly in accordance with the protocol he developed, we have laid the foundation for our 5 Day Fast. The main difference between the 5-day package that Gwyneth tests and our 5 Day Fast, is that we work with fresh products of high quality and that Gwyneth has to make do with powders and long-life bars during her 5 Days Check out the link above to see what results Gwyneth achieved during her 5 -day.

Podcast professor Valter Longo
Are you looking for an extensive interview with Prof. Valter Longo in which he explains from a scientific perspective how the 5-day protocol was developed and substantiated?

Listen via Spotify , or watch this podcast via YouTube and you will be fully aware of the foundations of our 5 Day Fast.