Sciencific research

When you start working on someone's health, you want to be able to say with certainty that what you are doing is also safe.

To be able to say that, you need years of high-quality research. Is that scientific basis missing? Then you are experimenting. And after an experiment you can also end up worse than how you started. So not a good idea.

That is why the 5 Day Fast program is based on a scientific protocol that has been tested and researched for more than 30 years Prof. Valter Longo . This doctor has conducted more than 30 years of research and almost 100 scientific publications on the health effects of fasting.

With the results of his research and exactly in accordance with the protocol he developed, we have laid the foundation for our 5 Day Fast program.

“The Good Lab” with Gwyneth Paltrow

Would you like to get an idea of ​​the program? Then watch the Netflix series The Good Lab” with Gwyneth Paltrow. She tests a similar 5-day program based on the same scientific substantiation.

Important differences
The main difference between our 5 Day Fast program and the program that Gwyneth is testing is that we use fresh, top-quality fruit and vegetables, while Gwyneth has to make do with powders (which become soup) and shelf-stable bars.

In addition to the fresh products, we have added two supplements. Of course with the same scientific substantiation. One supplement promotes digestion, repairs the stomach and intestines for a healthy and diverse microbiome and strengthens immune function.

The other supplement ensures that heavy metals and other toxins are removed that are released during the 5 Day Fast from the stored (visceral) fat in the abdominal cavity and around organs.

Podcast professor Valter Longo
Are you looking for an extensive interview with Prof. Valter Longo in which he explains from a scientific perspective how the 5-day protocol was developed and substantiated? Listen via Spotify , or watch his podcast via YouTube and you are fully aware of the foundation of my 5 Day Fast program.

This is what you get delivered to your home if you order 5 Day Fast:

  • Menu for 5 days
  • Shopping list (you have to do your own shopping)
  • Supplements: Omega, Glycerol, Green Powder, ION* Gut Support, Magnesium, Multivitamin, Zeolite
  • Invitation to participate in our WhatsApp group during your 5 Day Fast that starts every Sunday. Participation is optional.
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