What's happening in your body

With the 5 Day Fast 5-day program you reset your health and boost it in a way that is feasible for everyone. We do this by simulating 'fasting' for five days while you continue to eat and exercise.

During the 5 Day Fast, your body undergoes various transformations, including:

  • Restoring your intestinal cell membrane and improving cell communication.
  • Stimulating the removal of stored heavy metals and improving digestion.
  • Regenerating organs, using fat for energy, activating stem cells and cell renewal
  • Replenishing essential nutrients.

5 Day Fast was primarily developed by athletes and for athletes. This program is therefore the ideal method to boost your sports performance.

If you exercise (seriously), the results of the 5 Day Fast program can include:

  1. Increasing your aerobic capacity (fat burning engine)
  2. Lower heart rate with the same effort
  3. Reduced fat percentage: too high a fat percentage in your body negatively affects your performance.
  4. Improved sleep quality and faster recovery: Sleep and recovery are important for you to reap the benefits of your training work.

Dit krijg je thuisbezorgd als je 5 Day Fast bestelt:

  • Menu voor 5 dagen
  • Boodschappenlijst (je moet zelf boodschappen doen)
  • Supplementen: Omega, Glycerol, Green Powder, ION* Gut Support, Magnesium, Multivitamine, Zeolite
  • Uitnodiging om tijdens jouw 5 Day Fast deel te nemen in onze WhatsApp groep die iedere zondag start. Meedoen is optioneel. 
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