Duration annual plan and notice period

The term of the annual plan is always per 12 months. When registering on, for example, January 20, January is 'month 1'. You can therefore terminate your membership for year 2 up to and including the 11th month.

We use 1 month's notice to terminate the annual plan. This means that if you started in January and you cancel on November 15, your membership will end on January 1.


Payment of the annual plan is automatically collected annually in advance or every 5DF week.

If you opt for annual payment, you will receive an extra discount.

How do I get the extra Friends & Family discount?

Register with at least three people and you will all receive the Friends & Family discount.

We send the 5 Day Fast packages within your 'group' to one address.

We debit the Friends & Family memberships from one bank account.