5 Day Fast Health back in balance

  • Lower your fat percentage
  • Reset to healthier lifestyle
  • Lower your stress level
  • Restoration of the stomach and intestines
  • Scientifically proven
Yes, I want to try 5 Day Fast

Do you ever ask yourself, how long can I get away with this when you look in the mirror?

Moving less and less and sports has actually been out of the question for a while. You have also had to adjust your wardrobe over time.

Will I still be able to play a game of football with my son or daughter or will I still be able to lift my grandchild in a few years?

You are “burgundian-minded” and also enjoy life. But what do you eat during a week? We live in a system in which the food industry makes us tasty with unhealthy products. Due to (artificial) additions of unnatural products, refined - fast sugars and processed fats, we have become addicted. This is anything but healthy.

By the way, did you know that, according to Statistics Netherlands figures, the average Dutch person has been chronically ill for more than half of his or her life?

The quality of our diet, stress, poor sleep quality and too little exercise largely determine your health. And our medical system is mainly aimed at treating symptoms, often with medicines, while little or no attention is paid to the cause.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the above, then now is the time for you to try 5 Day Fast. 5 Day Fast is about restoring and boosting your health in a way that is feasible for everyone. We do this by imitating 'fasting' while you continue to eat and move.

The science behind 5 Day Fast shows that it is not too late at all and that your body can get back into balance so that you will age healthily for longer.

What our members say about this

Ruben van den Boogaard (54 years old / Architect INTOarchitecture)

"So I got 5 Day Fast for my birthday and went into it kind of blank. The first two days I was tired, but then it got better and I had good energy. I experienced the five days very positively and I feel me now nice and healthy, fit and a lot lighter, also nice and natural. During the week you discover how much you actually eat in a day. That is something I will continue with now. You really don't have to eat that much all the time. I did it for the first time and together with my wife and that's fun. Taking on the challenge together and the ritual of preparing the dishes together creates a connection."


Monique Verweij (participated 3x)

Participated 3 times

“What strikes me is that the three times I participated I experienced it differently each time. The first time I had difficult and less difficult moments. It was especially difficult to get rid of sugars and adjust my eating habits. I'm a real coffee drinker, but during the fast I don't suffer from the lack of caffeine because I consciously reduce my coffee intake in the days after such a week.

The second time I found it harder, but I didn't think about giving up. I was curious, 'Can I keep this up again? Didn't I succeed last time?'. It helped that I do it together with my husband, you are then in the same boat.

My last fast was in one straight line, I went through it very easily. Except Friday, the last day, which I found the most difficult. The knowledge that you can eat 'normal' again the day after was tough. For example, I was very hungry for a piece of cheese, I could hardly get it out of my mind.

The biggest benefit for me is that I'm losing weight. After the week something is added and after that it remains stable. Always lower than my starting weight. I have found out that the way of moving is important, that you have to sweat. That gives you an energy kick and you will lose more weight.”

Heather Rose Tammes (45 years old / Teacher and team leader primary school Amsterdam)

Participated 2 times

“Great awareness of how to eat healthy. Because you are actively working on this for 5 days, you make a start for change. I feel fitter and healthier thanks to 5 Day Fast.”

Frits Augstein (43 years old / Partner IFAA Accountants & Tax Advisers )

Participated 2 times

“From our office we have been looking after the interests of Marijn and his company for more than 10 years. When Marijn pitched his new business idea last year, I immediately thought I would like to try it myself. So also the deed added to the word. That was still in the initial phase where the groceries were done for you and you then had to pick them up yourself at a certain place and time. I thought it was a positive experience those five days, but I didn't experience that new energy or that I felt particularly good or healthy. The change came for me mainly after that. I had become really aware of my eating habits and I started to adjust them, after which the needs also changed. No extreme lifestyle adjustments, but just a little more healthy eating. For example, I have withheld breakfast, more fruit, fewer snacks and sweets, but also other sweets such as dates. We are now 12 months further and I am 12 kilos lighter. That is equivalent to one kilo per month. So 5 Day Fast really worked for me. Lately I have noticed that I have more need to snack, so the time is right to sign up as a 5 Day Fast member. I did that a few weeks ago and next week I will start again with a 5-day.”