Harmen Meijer (33 years old / account manager and marathon runner)


“The biggest benefit for me as an athlete is starting a new marathon program and losing some kilos before the start of the program and the race itself.

In addition, it is always a good reset to simultaneously pursue a healthier lifestyle and realize that I don't need everything I put in my mouth throughout the day.”

Izaak Quist (41 years old / director and triathlete)


“I really wanted to do it the first time.

I wanted to detox my body and immediately noticed that my body was cleansing itself every day.

I also quickly reached a “ketosis” state, which is pleasant to experience. I can highly recommend the tingling sensation in your head and throughout your body.

The second time, however, I had less of a goal in mind. Although I wanted to reduce my weight, I noticed that my mental readiness was a lot lower.

Although at the end of the week there was a number on my scale that I hadn't seen in a very long time, I think it helps you to think about what your goal is before each 5 day.”

Jorrit Stracke (35 years old / real estate entrepreneur and triathlete)


“I started the five-day treatment on Sunday together with the athletes' group.

To start immediately with the result; I have never felt so strong during the training days on day 7 and day 9 and I am completely enthusiastic.

I do triathlons and have also done sports fasting , but I won't do that anymore: that really means more and longer suffering. I am really surprised that with these five days, while you also continue to eat and exercise, you achieve the same results and I even feel better in terms of sports.

I did have a few moments when I felt weak, especially late Tuesday afternoon. I then took a date, went for a walk and then things got better. From day four I felt really good.

I have experience with fasting and during that period I can sometimes become grumpy, but that was not the case now, and I also checked that with my wife.
What is nice during such a treatment is that it makes you aware of all kinds of things again. I feel grateful and closer to myself and that is beautiful.

Participating in the athlete community and waking up to the videos in the mornings was fun. This makes you experience that you are not doing it alone and therefore you are less likely to give up.

It was ready on Friday and on Saturday I had the tour of North Holland. That was no longer normal. Never cycled a segment at an average speed of 42.5 km per hour, let alone after 130 km. Physically I felt so incredibly strong. Something similar two days later. I had an endurance run of 18 km in normal shoes (without carbon) and I ran with an average pace of 4:11 min/km. Perhaps I have never felt so strong in my life.

In short, in terms of results and treatment, I have nothing but praise, I am very enthusiastic. Once you do this you are “hooked”.

Since then I also do my shopping at the health food store. Not only do you have a reset during the week, but you also continue with it afterwards. So that is really super powerful.”

Emma Geurts de Leng (43 years old / runner and mental health psychologist)

Done 5 Day Fast 6 times “My motivation is to have as much energy as possible during the day to give to others and to grow old healthily for longer and I think 5 Day Fast is really fantastic! Why?

During the 5 days you can just eat, which is very special, and the menus are also really tasty! Eating biodynamic products cannot be compared to a juice cleanse. You can implement the menus in your daily life. The more I've done it, the more I've noticed that I've become good at it. In any case, it is easy to maintain, but the fifth day is one of hunger. Fortunately, it is almost over and we are going to do some nice shopping for day 6. My husband and I do it together regularly. It brings a nice connection in such a week that you take on the challenge together.

I had done many health experiments in my life and had also read more about Dr. Longo and the fasting mimicking diet. I am really happy that I discovered 5 Day Fast and it is nice that I am completely relieved by 5 Day Fast. Not only does it come to me three times a year, but also when I have a question I feel taken seriously and there is direct contact.

Every time I fast I experience a physical and mental reset. You build a different relationship with food. I don't do it because of my weight, but mainly for a longer healthy life. It is nice that your skin clears up, you feel positive energy, and it is of course nice that your stomach and your entire body are tighter afterwards.”

Angela Braspennincx (45 years old / Health scientist and running and swimming)


“In any case, Ramon is a great guy with a good attitude and the daily videos we received are fun. The five-day workout is pleasant because you spend the week focusing on yourself, your food and your sport. It's nice that 5 Day Fast comes from the sports side now. Then you also compare it with sports fasting and then this is doable. Only five days and no juice cleanse but really healthy eating. I haven't been hungry, with the exception of Friday evening when my husband sat next to me on the couch with a bag of chips.

Ten years ago I studied Dr. Longo based on clinical pictures and often wondered why no one knows this? That by imitating fasting, in this case, you can improve health. I have now participated based on my interest as a health scientist and to work on my preventive health, which I found to be a positive experience. I felt good during the five days, but did not experience any extra energy or lower heart rate. The first few weeks afterward I had a feeling of hunger that I found difficult to resist.

However, we are now a few weeks further and I have to say that things are going bizarrely well. After consulting with Ramon, I let go of everything and just started eating as needed again, but only nuts, fruit, and occasionally dairy and meat. In principle, you can eat unlimited amounts of unprocessed food. It's like I have new lungs and a new heart. I train in the pool for an hour and a half and then cycle home feeling fit. Before, I couldn't move forward with the sweat on my back.”

Rutger Bruin (61 years old / entrepreneur and triathlete)


"I came into contact with your program through my son who trains for triathlons at Apollo Endurance. I used to do a lot of sports, but at a certain point I kept getting injuries, especially when running. Yet my son Joep inspired me to also participate in triathons to do, at my level. I started that two years ago and through a gradual build-up I am now fit again and have done a number of triathlon sprints. This year the Olympic distance in Oudekerk is on the program.

I am really enthusiastic about 5 Day Fast. The great thing about your program is that you can reset yourself in five days. Before I knew your fasting program, I often struggled, for example after the winter, to lose a few kilos. It's really amazing, but I just experienced it again. I am kilos lighter and because your fat burning engine has been activated, I now experience good energy, I have a better focus on my work, I feel fitter and I have broken 'bad' habits.

Immediately after the 5-day I was three kilos lighter. In the following days, the fluid balance will return to your muscles and you will gain some weight again. However, I have now become an extra kilo lighter and that is mainly due to that reset that you make in just five days and with which you then continue by, among other things, eating healthier. That's what I like about 5 Day Fast!

It does require that you strictly follow the menu & exercise protocol during those five days. I find that a bit difficult the first few days, because you feel weak, and I especially do, because I normally drink a lot of coffee. However, on the third and fourth day you will get new energy and you will feel proud, every day with your scale. I'm really positive! I have now stopped drinking coffee completely. You actually take that mainly to recover again and again. I don't need that now.

Do I have any feedback? I would like to see more variety in the menus in the future, so that in my case, for example, I can have an alternative to the spinach dish.”

Oscar Keunen (28 years old/municipality of Amsterdam)


"I did 5 Day Fast together with three colleagues. I already ate healthy, but a lot of bread. And I regularly do intermittent fasting, also because I don't always take the time to have breakfast in the morning.

Our colleague Mellany had done 5 Day Fast at the beginning of this year and was enthusiastic. One day we talked about doing it with the team as a challenge. We then invited Ramon from 5 Day Fast to first tell us more about what it entails and what the short-term benefits and long-term effects are. I have actually never done a nutrition program or weight loss program before. I do exercise regularly and often cycle, among other things.

We started together on Monday. It was the week that many people suffered from hay fever and that also bothered me at first. Regarding work, I found it difficult the first few days. You're a little hungry, lack of focus and sometimes it was difficult to concentrate myself. But because you do it with your colleagues, it was also fun.

However, on days 4 and 5 I realized that with some nuts, an apple, a few dates and a tomato soup I could function fine and even feel good energy. The realization that you don't need that much food at all is the most important positive point that I take away from this challenge. Of course you already know that somewhere, but you don't do it. During the five days you experience this and actually feel it. The latter really creates awareness.

So the 5 Day Fast breakfast with nuts & apple was great and I just kept it. Another advantage is that I have breakfast but don't spend too much time on it in the morning. Nice energy by the way, nuts and fruit instead of bread. With bread you have more of a peak in your energy, followed by a downer, which you then try to fix by taking more coffee.

I found all the food surprisingly tasty. For example, a week later we made the lentil stew at home again, which was simply delicious. My girlfriend joined in a bit. She is also involved in nutrition and supplements. It was nice that we also did this together at home.

The vital employee
Now afterwards I still feel fitter, more energetic and I have a good focus. There is awareness, not only with regard to food, but also sleeping on time, getting up early in the morning, having a light breakfast and feeling nice and energetic. In the context of vital employees, I would certainly advise other teams to do this as well, something different from communication training. It would be great if employees could do this with their training budget. I think there is enthusiasm for that.

Would I do it again? It was an educational and positive week, but I also thought it was a bit expensive, at least if you were to do it more often per year. But I won't say no!

“5 Day Fast: Our quest is to get people to do this three times a year for a structural improvement in their preventive health, with the long-term goal of people living healthily for longer without becoming chronically ill.”

“Oscar: yes, you're telling me something. I noticed that I mainly only looked at the short-term benefits. But if you look at it this way, what is 500 euros per year to live a healthy longer life without those diseases? Then it might not be expensive at all.”

Ruben van den Boogaard (54 years Architect and Squasher)

"So I got 5 Day Fast for my birthday and went into it kind of blank. The first two days I was tired, but then it got better and I had good energy. I experienced the five days very positively and I feel me now nice and healthy, fit and a lot lighter, also nice and natural. During the week you discover how much you actually eat in a day. That is something I will continue with now. You really don't have to eat that much all the time. I did it for the first time and together with my wife and that's fun. Taking on the challenge together and the ritual of preparing the dishes together creates a connection."

Monique Verweij


“What strikes me is that my experience was different each time I participated. The first time I had difficult and less difficult moments. Quitting sugar and adjusting my eating habits were especially difficult. I am a real coffee drinker, but during fasting I do not suffer from the lack of caffeine because I consciously reduce my coffee intake in the days after a week.

I found the second time harder, but I didn't think about giving up. I was curious: 'Can I keep this up again? Didn't I succeed last time?'. It helped that I do it together with my husband, so you are in the same boat.

My last fast went in one straight line, I went through it very easily. Except for Friday, the last day, which was the most difficult for me. The knowledge that you can eat 'normal' again the next day was tough. For example, I was really hungry for a piece of cheese and it was difficult to get that out of my mind.

The biggest advantage for me is that I lose weight. After a week something will be added and after that it will remain stable. Always lower than my starting weight. I have discovered that the way you move is important, that you have to sweat. That will give you a boost of energy and you will lose more weight.”

Frits Augstein (43 years old / Partner accountancy firm


“I thought it was a positive experience during those five days, but I did not experience that new energy or that I felt particularly good or healthy. The change for me mainly came afterwards. I became really aware of my eating habits and started to adjust them, after which my needs also changed. No extreme lifestyle changes, just more healthy eating. For example, I limited breakfast, more fruit, fewer snacks and sweets, but also other sweets such as dates. It is now 12 months later and I am 12 kilos lighter. That is the equivalent of one kilo per month. So 5 Day Fast really worked for me. Lately I've noticed that I have more urges to snack, so it's a good time to register as a 5 Day Fast member. I did that a few weeks ago and next week I will start again with a 5-day workout.”

Jetske Visser (61 years old / Beautician)


I have over fifteen years of experience with detoxing. What I like about 5 Day Fast is that it is short but powerful: the five days are easy to manage.

On Monday I did suffer from a headache. Usually when I detox I taper off, so no coffee, sugar or alcohol. This time that didn't fit, so the headache on the first day is just that. I do advise others to cut down on coffee before they start.

I would definitely recommend 5 Day Fast. I was not hungry, I was able to focus well on my work and I had the feeling that my body was relaxing, which is a good feeling.

I had also lost some weight, which I also liked. After the five days I still stuck to breakfast, but at some point I started eating cottage cheese with it again. Yet every time you fast or detox you take something away that you can apply in your daily life."

Nathalie Bremer (51 years old / Director of Primary Education)


"I thought it was a great experience to do. I didn't really experience any feelings of hunger. The first 2 days I was tired in the evening and in the mornings I had a slight headache. I thought that was strange because I normally have that never. But okay, from the third day on I started feeling really good. The whole week I slept really well and more and more I started to experience a kind of "high". I had the biggest "high" on Saturday. My expectation was that, for example, I wanted to eat bread with Mozzarella, but once I had breakfast it was nuts and dried apricots. The "5DF breakfast" is a keeper, by the way. I also liked the taste of the evening dishes and I found it striking that I tasted much more It was also a lot of fun to do this with my partner. We just had a lot of fun. I take a number of dishes with me into our normal lives. I have become more aware of what I snack on in a day. That's what I do now much less and has also been exchanged for dates, for example. I can really recommend it, although I think it is pricey."

Joost (triathlete)


"I am a triathlete and have experience with sports fasting and in comparison I thought this was doable.

5 days is manageable

And I wasn't too hungry. On the first day I had a bit of a hard time due to the caffeine, or lack thereof. But in terms of energy I felt good during the week, especially on Thursday and Friday. The recipes are simple and quite tasty.

Good reset

I enjoyed doing it together in the community, although not much was said. After the five days, I also lived like a monk on Saturday and Sunday. Conclusion, it has been a good reset. I eat a lot of vegetables and I no longer snack in the evening.

Lost 3 kilos

Immediately after the five days I was five kilos lighter due to the fluid. That is still three kilos and that is nice.

Pleasant guidance

What I also liked was the guidance and also the advice not to immediately start doing interval training. I waited until the following Wednesday and it was great.

This went wrong in the past in another program and it bothered me. I have also recommended 5 Day Fast to several people and I would like to do it again in a few months."

Kas Stuyf (51 years old / Psychologist and Entrepreneur)


"Together with a friend, Kas did the five-day fast mimicking diet of 5 Day Fast for the first time around Ascension Day. 'Pablo and I exercise a lot. The primary reason for participating was initially weight loss. I was at the end Lost 2.9 kilograms, Pablo a little more. It was also a good kick start to start paying more attention to my diet. I always try to eat low in carbs and have incorporated a number of elements of the diet after the five days. applied to daily life such as the nuts and apple in the morning.

During the five-day event, Pablo and I continued to exercise as we did before. The first day I had a tough time with the diet around lunch, and the fourth day was tough in the morning, but other than that it went pretty well. What I like about the protocol is that you are led by the hand, and it all looks nice.

I would like to have it clearly explained why I should do it three times a year, and why an annual plan is interesting. The transition after the fifth day could receive some more guidance, in terms of what you can eat to get proteins."

Lorine Nuis (64 years old / Was purser at KLM "Early retired due to COVID-19)


“I know 5 Day Fast through my son Floris. I immediately registered, I was curious about what Floris had experienced. I've done it twice now. The first time I did it together with my girlfriend Jetske, and those five days went quite easily for me.

I found it exciting and fun, I read everything carefully. And my girlfriend always makes a whole decoration out of her food, she even peels an apple into the shape of a flower. Then she sends that photo and you have fun together, which is subconsciously stimulating. The second time I did it alone, more between the nose and lips.

The advantage of 5 Day Fast is that it is completely defined, with a beginning and an end. It's all written out for you. The nutrition you consume is also good. I have already done several things and, for example, I am not really into juice fasting, because I think that a body just needs food. If you start juice fasting you should also take a probiotic afterwards, I don't think it would be good to shut down your intestines.

I like that it is related to health and sports in a scientific way, that it is not spiritual and is based on some eastern philosophy. I'm not very familiar with that. The next time 5 Day Fast is already planned, in September.”

Heather Rose Tammes (45 years old / Teacher and team leader at primary school in Amsterdam)


“Beautiful awareness of how to eat healthy. By actively working on this for 5 days, you are making a start for change. I feel fitter and healthier thanks to 5 Day Fast.”

Janna Schotte (21 years old / HB0-V student)


“Through 5 Day Fast I have experienced that by eating more consciously and exercising I am healthier and fitter. And I also lost 5 kilos of excess fat. It is important that you continue to exercise and eat the right things afterwards.”