Special offer founding members

As a founding member you receive a special discount that remains active as long as you continue to participate in the 5 Day Fast Annual Plan. So at the front you give a commitment to work with us in the next 12 months. In this year you can plan 3x a 5 Day Fast week. You decide each year whether or not you want to continue with a new annual plan. If you are in the eleventh month of your annual plan, we will proactively contact you about this. We will therefore never extend your annual plan without contact / tacitly.

What do you get as a founding member?
You will receive the full 5 Day Fast Annual Plan, including a 5 Day Fast participation 3 times a year.
click here for all annual plan details and see what else is covered by the annual plan.

Especially for Founding Members: Do 5 Day Fast with someone of your choice
Especially for you as a 'founding member' we have created the possibility to do one of your three 5 Day Fast weeks together with someone of your choice within your annual plan. For example, are you planning to participate twice in the next 12 months? Then ask your partner or a good friend to participate. We will then send you two packages and we will also add the person who is participating with you to the group that week.

Special discount conditions
The conditions that apply to the special founding member discount can be found below. These conditions apply in addition to the conditions that apply to all our 5 Day Fast Annual Plan participants

Why develop further?

From October 2020 to January 2023, we helped more than 115 people with their health. You were one of them and we are proud of that. 95% of all participants participated again within 4 months after the first “five days”. This is crucial, because the strength of the program lies in its periodic repetition. This is evident not only from the more than 30 years of scientific research under the 5-day protocol, but also from our own data. Because:
"the people who do a 5 Day Fast at least once every four months demonstrably improve their health structurally".

A number of 5 Day Fast members share their experiences here and although everyone, with a few exceptions, feels very good after a 5 Day Fast week and also becomes very happy when they look in the mirror, it appears that for almost 90% of our participants the biggest challenge to ensure that they actually do the 5 Day Fast once every four months. Maybe you noticed this too? We will help you with this with 5 Day Fast.

Do you want to know why this is such a big challenge for almost everyone? Click here for a 60 second explanation about lifestyle and autopilot behaviour.

What have we changed?

We have improved and adjusted a number of parts compared to how you are used to it in recent years. Would you like to read more about 5 Day Fast? Then click here. With 5 Day Fast we can now help more people in a more effective way to structurally and demonstrably work on their health. We do this by:

1. Participate structurally periodically
Proactively ensure that you participate in a 5 Day Fast week at the right time.
In practice, this means that you can start on any day throughout the year. You will receive an invitation from us the month before your next 5 Day Fast week to schedule yourself. Click here to see how.
We will then continue to contact you personally until your 5 Day Fast week is scheduled. Subsequently, 'the 5 Day Fast group' starts every Monday. So you can choose whether you do your 5 Day Fast together with the group, or individually (together with your partner).

2. Your commitment
To ask you as a participant for a commitment to participate in a 5 Day Fast week at least 3 times per current year. As a founding member you will receive a special discount for the rest of your life. The conditions for that special discount can be found under 'Special offer for you'. In addition , these conditions apply to all our 5 Day Fast Annual Plan participants.

3. Order & send online
Send the 5 Day Fast packages to your home address. Picking up and transporting yourself is a thing of the past.
In practice, this means that you receive the 5 Day Fast Kit with the supplements, goodies and the menu at home. You do the fresh shopping yourself and you can easily order it online. You will receive the links for this from us.

4. Improve & Renew
Continuously monitor the latest scientific research and possibly make adjustments to the 5 Day Fast week. In addition, you can choose to receive information about health in the interim period (by subject). Finally, we periodically invite you to sign up for extra programs/activities with which you can immediately improve your health. Of course in the same substantiated way as how we organized the 5 Day Fast week.