1.0 Product Page

What do I get when I pay:

  • Box in the mailbox
  • Schedule for 5 days
    • Food and drink
    • To move
  • Supplements
  • Shopping list (do your own shopping)
  • What do you get if you do it?
    • Every day a video with the description of the day
    • Participation in WhatsApp group (optional)

What do I need to put this product in my shopping cart?

  • Overview of what I buy
    • What exactly am I eating?
    • What should I prepare?
    • What are the ingredients of the supplements
    • What do the supplements do?
  • What results will I get if I do this, what will be improved?
    • Fat burning: how exactly?
    • Losing weight: how much approximately?
    • Improve sports performance: which one exactly, how much (if you know what I'm doing now), etc?
  • Is there anything I should take into account when I do this?
    • Busy week
    • Pregnant
    • Fatigue
    • Mood
    • Etc
  • What can I do if I can't keep it up?
  • What questions can I have?
    • Should I cook different things for my family and myself?
    • What happens to the processes that are promised if I occasionally skip school?
    • Is the effect guaranteed or could it still depend on something that it does not work?

    This is what you get delivered to your home if you order 5 Day Fast:

    • Menu for 5 days
    • Shopping list (you have to do your own shopping)
    • Supplements: Omega, Glycerol, Green Powder, ION* Gut Support, Magnesium, Multivitamin, Zeolite
    • Invitation to participate in our WhatsApp group during your 5 Day Fast that starts every Sunday. Participation is optional.
    Order 5 Day Fast