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  • Solutions-based headline
  • Benefits
  • Your offering
  • Your differentiator (your why): Include a story of how you got here and how what you do works
  • Social proof 2: Reviews or testimonials
  • CTAs: Link to the individual product and to more information about the product. Your About page, and the Contact page (or other CTA). Your primary CTA should go directly to your primary offer page.

This is what you get delivered to your home if you order 5 Day Fast:

  • Menu for 5 days
  • Shopping list (you have to do your own shopping)
  • Supplements: Omega, Glycerol, Green Powder, ION* Gut Support, Magnesium, Multivitamin, Zeolite
  • Invitation to participate in our WhatsApp group during your 5 Day Fast that starts every Sunday. Participation is optional.
Order 5 Day Fast