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5 Day Fast

To do together

To do together

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In addition to your health, give yours and your partner a nice boost to your relationship with 2x once 5 Day Fast (so for both of you).

We keep getting this from people who do 5 Day Fast together with their partner and it also makes sense.

You take on the same challenge together. You put your social life on the back burner for a while to better resist all kinds of temptations and that means being together more, preparing the 5DF breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Exercise and sports moments are planned throughout the day. The perfect way to take a brisk walk or exercise together. You also try to encourage each other in this. Sometimes there are difficult moments that you help each other through. Your body resets, de-stresses, you feel fitter and more energetic at the same time, both physically and in the head. All those things together seem to give more room for love, isn't it nice?

After your purchase, you only have to choose a date together when you want to start.

You can choose a date via this link.

We will then send your 5 Day Fast Together Doen to the specified home address within a week and the rest will follow automatically.

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